Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps Dues

Posted by Director on December 6, 2010

Operating a Drum and Bugle Corps is an expensive thing. We have to pay for:

  1. Instrument repairs and replacement
  2. Uniform upkeep and purchase
  3. Color Guard equipment - poles, flags, props
  4. Trailer registration and maintenance
  5. Travel costs (fuel, van or bus rental, insurance)
  6. Association fees (DCA and DCI)
  7. Insurance for members and corps-owned equipment
  8. Music Licensing
  9. Rehearsal location fees
  10. And so on...

Member dues pays the largest portion of the annual costs of the corps. For 2012, the Frontier dues and fees are:

  • Dues: $ 650.00, need to be paid by Texas Drum Corps Preview. As a rule, it's easier to pay some at each camp or camp weekend; we reccommend $50 per weekend camp if possible.
  • Fees: One time uniform fee of $ 75.00 (color guard members do not pay this fee as they generally provide their own uniforms). This pays for purchase, maintenance, upgrades and plumes.
  • Some uniform pieces not provided by the corps:
    • Black bibbers. These can be bought from a number of places on-line. Fort Worth also has the Band Mans Shop that sells these retail. {If you are, or were, in marching band recently and already have black bibbers, there's no need to buy another pair.)
    • Black marching shoes. Dinkles makes a decent shoe at a resonable cost but there are other sources. Plain and black. If you already have a pair of marching shoes, you're set.
    • Black socks. No ankle socks please.
    • Black T-shirt for wear under the jacket. Underarmor is an excellent choice as it wicks away perspiration and keeps you cooler.
    • The corps will have gloves for brass available at cost. (Brass players should never handle their bugles without gloves.) Drummers do not wear gloves and color guard buys their own special use gloves.
    • Sticks and mallets - Drummers buy their own (except bass drummers) - we have a sponsorship agreement in place with Vic Firth so the prices are deeply discounted.

Fundraising is also an important income source. Frontier will have a few group fundraisers scheduled like car-washes, a bowl-a-thon, a raffle (last time it was for an iPod touch) and a yard sale or two. Other fundraising opportunities include Parades, performance fees and corporate sponsorships.